Cisco WebEx is an enterprise solution for video conferencing, online meetings, screen share and webinars

WebEx for Hosts

Schedule a Meeting

  • Click on Schedule
  • Enter Meeting details such as Title, Time and attendees

  • To set up a recurring meeting, select Recurrence and specify when you want the meeting to be automatically scheduled

Start a Meeting

  • A few minutes before the meeting time, go to “Home” to see upcoming meetings. OR Go to “Meetings”
  • Find specific meeting and click on Start

  • It directs you to the following page:

  • If you already have the Cisco WebEx desktop App, click Open Cisco WebEx Meeting. If you do not, click Donwload it Now

Here you can choose whether to join the video with audio, video or both

Settings allow you to vary speaker and microphone volume or audio settings

When everything is set up, Start Meeting

Once the meeting has started, the host can

  • mute a member by clicking on the audio button next to their name
  • change the role of a member by right-clicking on their name

WebEx for Attendees

  • Open your email invite and click Join meeting

  • After setting up your audio and video settings, click “Join Meeting”

WebEx Collaboration

During the meeting, one can do the following:

Note: Only the host can record or end a meeting. These options are not available for regular members

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