Get credentials for creating surveys

Write an email to with the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Payroll Number
  • College/ Unit
  • Faculty/School/Department/Institute
  • Role/ Designation

Access the survey tool

Create Surveys

Click on the arrow besides the Surveys button that is located on the main toolbar of your LimeSurvey. A dialog drop-down list will show up from where you can choose the Create a new survey option

The following page will load:

Description: Key in the description of your survey

Welcome: Type in the welcome message

End message: Type in the message which your recipients will see once they complete the survey

Survey Settings

For detailed explanation on any aspect of creating a survey on this platform, consult the Limesurvey Manual

Question Types

When creating questions for your survey, a variety of question types are provided as shown below: -


Click on Statistics in the settings of your survey

It is possible to export the responses for further analysis

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