A. To access login page

Type mail2.uonbi.ac.ke on the search bar and click on “STUDENTS MAIL”

Type in your email address. Click “Next”

OR: -

Go to gmail.com and type in your full email address in the format “username@students.uonbi.ac.ke”

Enter your password and click “Next”

B. Forgot Password?

In case you cannot remember your password, click on “forgot password”

If you remember any of your previous passwords, go ahead and type it in. Click “Next”. If you do not remember a previous password, click on “Try another way”.

Enter the verification code to allow you to set a new password If you do not have your phone, contact your domain admin for help

C. Setting Recovery Information

Sign in to your email account. Click on “Google Account (top right) → Manage your Google Account → Security”

Enter your recovery information which is useful in case you forget your password. The recovery email should be an alternative email address.

D. Helpdesk

If all this fails, you can write to the helpdesk or visit your Campus ICT Office for help customercare@uonbi.ac.ke

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