Google Meet is a video conferencing platform provided by Google.

Schedule a meeting:

From Calendar

Go to  Google Calendar and create an event

From browser

Enter in Chrome Browser.
Enter Meeting details such as a descriptive title and time

From Phone

From your mobile device: Open the Meet app on your Android ( Play Store) or Apple iOS ( App Store) mobile device
Click on New Meeting

Join a Meeting:

From Calendar

In  Calendar, click the event you want to join. Click on join with Google Meet

From Gmail

Click the link below “Join with Google Meet” in the email

From Meet

In  Meet, join a scheduled meeting or use a meeting code

From Phone

Open the Calendar event or meeting invite to dial in to a meeting from a phone

Collaborate During Video Meeting

To record meeting, click on the three dots on the bottom right. The video is saved in the google drive of the convener of the meeting and can be shared on request

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