Accessing Google Forms

  • Sign in to your Gmail account
  • Click on Google Apps in the top right corner
  • Scroll to find “Forms” and click on it

  • Select preferred template

Creating a Form

Once you have selected a template:

  • Enter the Title and a thorough description of what the survey is about and its objectives.
  • A section is a page. The survey can be split into various sections e.g. personal information, employment details, feedback on a specific topic
  • A section can have more than one question.

General Settings

Depending on the objectives of your survey, you can change the following settings for best result

Restricting the users to trusted entities ensures your survey is filled by targeted users. (Security feature)

Click save when done editing the settings

Distributing the Form

Click on Send on the top right corner

The google form can be sent via email, a shared link, embed html or social media

Email addresses are separated by a comma when many

To add people who can edit the form, click on “Add collaborators”. An email is sent to notify them of this

Analysing Responses

Choose whether or not you want to accept responses by using the toggle button

The results are converted into bar and pie charts for ease of analysis

Results can also be linked to an excel sheet which will be automatically saved to one’s google drive

Deleting Responses

One can delete the responses. However deleted responses cannot be recovered unless they were linked to an excel sheet

If that is the case, revert to a previous version of the sheet by clicking on File → version history → see version history within the excel sheet

Saving the Form

Google forms are automatically saved to your google drive along with any changes made to the questions or settings

A preview feature is included to get a feel of the user experience

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