Creating a Network Access Account (Students)

To access the wifi network, you need to create a Network Access Account which will be your identity on the network. The account will be in the following format: C01/12345/2010@students. The password and log-in information will be sent to your UoN email account.

  1. Open the Create Network Access page
  2. Provide your registration number. Format: C01/12345/2010
  3. Provide your ID/Passport number *As supplied in the Students Management Information System (SMIS)
  4. Provide your UoN student email
  5. Type in the random code - CaSE SeNsItIVE
  6. Click on Login button to create your account
  7. If successful, your account will be created with the format C01/12345/2010 and password and log in instructions sent to your email account
  8. If NOT successful, confirm the format of your registration number, ID/Passport number or e-mail.
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