How to configure your Ipad/Iphone Device

Follow these steps to configure your Apple device to use UoN Wi-Fi network. This setup will remain in effect until you cancel it.

These instructions are known to work with first, second, and third generation iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touch. Kindly note images included are for illustration purposes only, settings on the UoN network are different.

  • From the iPad home screen, tap the settings menu. When the Settings app loads, you will be at the General Settings category (see image below)

  • In the settings screen, navigate to Wi-Fi menu option.

  • Turn on WiFi and choose a specific connection. You will see chemichemi or chemiweb connections. We recommend you choose and use chemichemi which is easier to setup.

while connecting to the wireless network, you will be prompted to input your login credentials, kindly type them with username being xxxxx@staff or xxxxx@students and password. Next click on validate the certificate that will appear after the login display. Once a connection is established, you will be taken back to the Wi-fi menu page with the selected connection checked.

  • In the Wi-Fi Networks window, tap on the arrow to the right of your Wi-Fi network name.

  • Your IP Address selection should be DHCP. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to HTTP Proxy. Select Manual.

  • Fill in the text box with the following information:


port: 80

  • Slide Authentication to ON, to automatically sign in to your proxy server. Kindly provide the following info:

username: xxxxx@staff or xxxxxxx@students

password: xxxxxxxxx

  • When you are done setting up proxy server, go back to the home screen and tap on the Safari browser button and see if webpages load with your new settings.
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