Active Directory is the system that manages logging into the University of Nairobi computers.

Active Directory offers

- Improved security for the University of Nairobi ICT services
- Automatic software updates and implementation of standards
- Significant move towards a single sign-on, as more services use the AD Logon

All the machines in the computer labs are on the UONBI domain. In order to use them, you must have an Active Directory account.

What will be different?

There will be changes to our computing environment as we move forward with this initiative:
- Your registration no. without the slashes \ will be your username and contact ICT support office for initial password
- This will provide access to more campus resources
- You can log in to any computer in any computer lab that is on the UONBI domain with your registration no. and password - Make sure you save all your work on a flashdisk before logging out

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